Membership Plan

Exclusively for uninsured patients

Low monthly payments for preventive care

Save money on treatment

Subscription-based membership plans are beginning to dominate almost every market, and for good reason! From Netflix for movies and entertainment, to Amazon Prime for…pretty much anything, and Dollar Shave Club for silky smoothness, the subscription-based model is gaining traction and giving consumers a new way to pay for products and services. Why not pay a low monthly fee for dental care, and take the insurance company out of the equation?

Since the 1970’s, preventive care has been driven by insurance. Patients with insurance could receive quality preventive care regularly, while patients without insurance would be charged hundreds of dollars per visit for a preventive appointment including a cleaning, exam, and x-rays. In the current economy, 58% of employers plan to drop dental insurance benefits if insurance costs continue to rise.

The good news is, over 2,000 dental offices in the U.S. now offer subscription membership plans, including your Hillsboro, TX dentist at Cowan Family Dentistry!

  • No Year Deductibles
  • No Yearly Maximums
  • No Waiting Periods
  • No 3rd Party

For a low monthly membership fee, patients can receive regular preventive care including:

  • Complimentary Exams
  • Complimentary Cleanings
  • Complimentary X-Rays
  • Loyalty Discount on Treatment

Typical Adult Patient without Insurance

Exams x1 $55
Cleanings x2 $96 each
Bitewing X-rays x1 $69
Full Mouth X-rays x1/4 $139

The typical adult patient without insurance ends up paying between $191-$330 per visit.

Would you rather…

Pay a couple hundred dollars per visit?
Pay a low monthly fee of $35/month?

Save $113 per year!

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